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Top Roller

Ariser top rollers are fitted with antifriction bearings. This brings advantage for all spinning processes (roving, ring spinning, compact spinning and worsted spinning).


Active Cradle

In terms of an optimized spinning process Ariser top apron cradles with individual apron tensioning concept offer decisive advantages. They are available for a wide range of fibre types and lengths as well as for every application in short and long staple spinning.

rings web


Rings are the dominant elements in the ring-spinning process. Key to success is the reduction of the friction coefficient to the lowest level possible. At this point you will get the perfect balanced spinning geometry – that means the spinning tension is on a constant balanced level.

cots and aprons

Cots & Aprons

The choice of the correct MEC-LANXIANG cots & APRONS  minimizes the wrapping and thus end breakages while at the same time improving the yarn quality.

bottom roller

Bottom Roller

Bottom rollers play a major role in ensuring yarn quality. Precise concentricity guarantees high yarn quality (evenness and strength). Equally influential to yarn breaks are the running conditions of the bottom rollers. Precise running bottom rollers allow to extend the spinning limits into finer yarn count ranges.

lattice aprons

Ariser Lattice Aprons

The new ARISER LX is an endless woven lattice apron with a special matrix enclosed. For the entire service life of the apron, this matrix offers a clearly better friction behaviour and reliably prevents dust, dirt and fibre fragments from clinging to the apron. The development of the new Apron is yet another significant contri- bution to the considerably improved running stability and quality assur- ance of the All suction compact going along with an important reduction of the operation cost in the spinning mill.