Ariser is a strong brand and forms industrial progress through its innovative strength.

About Us

ARISER is the world’s leading supplier of systems and components for short-staple fiber spinning. Based in Coimbatore (INDIA), the company develops and manufactures systems and components used to convert natural and man-made fibers and their blends into yarns. Furthermore, ARISER is a leader in the field of COMPACT and TOP ARMS . With manufacturing locations in Coimbatore India.

The continuous innovation and consistent performance is the key to trace the history of Ariser Worldwide

Business Model

Ariser Business Model

Around 20 lakhs spindle installation of short stretch and 5lakhs spindle of top arm and 2lakhs spindle installation of compact all across the Asia 

Ariser Business Model
Our Team

Management Board

Mr. S. Arunachalam

Mr. S. Arunachalam


Mr. A. Senthil Raja

Mr. A. Senthil Raja

Managing Director

Our Values


Promoting a culture of innovation will ensure that we always retain a leading edge.


We deliver uncompromised and top-notch quality consistently to all those who share vested interests.


Our aim is to grow exponentially as an organisation by seizing opportunities as quickly as they arise.


Collaborating with each other will lead to greater synergy and higher efficiency.


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of all undertakings in our relationships with stakeholders.

Cost Prudence

Being judicious in the way we manage our costs will give us a competitive edge and make us resilient.

Our Journey

Driving Value through smart engineering.

MecGrowths Texmach Launches in the brand ARISER Versatile Manufactures from Madurai and Coimbatore-base, MEC GROWTH TEXMACH P LTD , a well known organization in the field of textiles serving the spinning industry for the past 2 decades since from 1984 founded and run by Mr.S.Arunachalam, Managing Director associated with Young and Dynamic entrepreneur Mr.A.Senthil Raja, Joint Managing Director.

Mr.S.Arunachalam, A visionary, he came from a modest background, but hard work, perseverance, and his entrepreneurial spirit made ARISER a shining success. He always endeavors to bring innovation to the field focus on customer satisication and commitment to quality been able to carve a distinct name for himself in the textile machinery field. Ariser has been in the news for introducing The unique Mec Short Stretch Conversion, Ariser comfact System, and Ariser Toparmswhich has been making waves in the market, right from the day it was introduced.

Our Carrier

We're looking for ambitious people like you.

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Iso Certification

ISO Certification

Ariser meets all requirements of the ISO standard. A number of Ariser locations were once again awarded the ISO certifications.


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